National Spice Garden

Contact Information

Tel: +94 66 222 2822, +94 66 223 1249
Opening Times : 0830 – 1600

Preserving the taste, aroma and quality of local spices, providing a comprehensive knowledge of spices and products for local and foreign tourists the Matale Central Research Center of the Department of Export Agriculture,

Providing a live experience of Sri Lankan spices,

Come to Matale to visit the National Spice Park, which was built to enable you to purchase high quality produce and spices at reasonable prices.

Visitors to the National Spice Park at the Matale Central Research Station of the Department of Export Agriculture can gain a good understanding of the high quality spices, products and their importance in our country.

Can gain live experience in spice cultivation.

It is also possible to buy high quality produce and spice planting material at reasonable prices. Visit the city of Matale to visit the National Spice Park.