Economics Research unit

Head/ Director (Regulation)P.R. Idamekorala, MSc in Tropical Soil Management
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Assistant Director (Research)Mrs. W.G.G. Chathurika, B.Sc (Hons) Agri
Assistant Director (Research)Mrs. G.A.M.S.S. Gunarathne, M.Sc in Org. Mang , B. Sc. (Hons) Agri. Tech. & Mang.
Development OfficerMrs. K.G.A.K. Wijesooriya, B.A
Development OfficerMrs. B.G.D Priyangika, B.A
Research & Development AssistantMr. G.G.A Bandara, B.A
Development OfficerMr. A.J.M. Fahim, B.Com
Development OfficerMrs. R.M.D.K. Rajapaksha, B.A.
Development OfficerMrs. G.G.N.S, Gamage, M.A in Eco , B.A
Research & Development AssistantMrs.G.D.G. Priyanthi Dolapihilla, B.A
Development OfficerMrs. R. Chamani Padmasiri, M.Phil in Eco, B.A


Economic research unit (ERU) of DEA is established to conduct studies on socio economic aspects of Export Agricultural Crops (EAC) in order to identify the issues and to provide productive solutions. It also supports in preparation of sound farm management strategies and to formulate methods for better resource allocation. ERU collects and maintain statistical data on different aspects of EAC cultivation and marketing.


ERU provides a variety of services on economical and marketing aspects of EACs listed below. 

  • Collection and compilation of weekly farm gate prices of EACs from growing districts and releasing the weekly summaries to the official website of DEA and other media.
  • Collecting data and preparing reports regarding Crop Forecast on Export Agriculture Crops.
  • Collection, maintenance and dissemination of statistical data on all aspects of EAC cultivation and marketing.
  •  Providing information about economical and marketing aspects of export agriculture crops to aware the public and other government institutions.
  • Analysis and reporting the current market changes on Export Agricultural Crops in local and global scale.

On-going Research Programs

  • Study on “Comparison of total Eco system benefits of pepper mono crop with intercropping and mixed cropping systems of pepper with special reference to Kandyan Home Gardens”. 
  • Study on “Identification of the Feasibility of Expanding Vanilla Cultivation in Central Province, Sri Lanka”.