Arecanut Cultivation Promotion Program

The aim of this program is to popularize arecanut cultivation with the aim of increasing the production of arecanut for export, increasing the income of growers and improving soil and water conservation.

Under this program, arecanut plants can be issued for planting as a single crop, intercrops, mixed crops, gardens, irrigation canals, water catchment areas, environmental conservation areas, government estates, company estates, and lands owned by private institutions.

In order to get seedlings, you should apply as follows.

  • i. A new planting application should be submitted for cultivation as a single crop, intercrop or mixed crop.
  • ii. In order to distribute to the growers, different institutions, groups or organizations should submit a written request for plants.
  • iii. Export Agriculture Extension Officers or Development Officers can submit an application form where the growers are organized by them.

Download the application