Obtaining Assistance for Development of Post Harvest Facilities and Equipments for EAC

Who can apply:
Farmer Organizations of EAC, Estates or large scale EAC growers Post-harvest advisory service unit (PHASU) was established in 1998 to upgrade the quality of export agricultural crop products and continued it activities during the reporting year too. The investment assistance scheme was revised in April 2015 to suit the stakeholders at different levels of operation. The main objective of this assistance scheme was to maintain the quality of the product to be competitive in international markets, product diversification and value addition and to facilitate marketing of EAC products.

follow the link to Assistance scheme for post-harvest activities

How to apply for services:

An application has to be submitted

  • to the Extension Officer based at the nearest Agrarian Service Centres during 8.30 a.m – 4.15 p.m on wednestays
  • to the Assistant Directors Office during 8.30 a.m – 4.15 p.m on office days

How to provide services :
After the registration of the application a group of DEA officers will visit the site and will decide whether the applicant had satisfied the eligibility criteria. The criteria considered in the inspection are the building site, records on the ownership of the site, records on financial strength and physical capability of FO/Applicant and the viability of the project proposal. If successful, the application will be registered with the scheme.

Approval will be granted thereafter to commence the construction and technical support will be provided when and wherever necessary. Technical assistance will be provided to purchase and install machineries. Payments will be done after the completion of the centre.

Time taken to provide Services:
6 months-one year after the application

Responsible Officers and Contact information :
District Assistant Director
Extension Officer of the Area based at the nearest Agrarian Service Centre
Deputy Director – Technical III

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