Middeniya Export Agricultural Crop Garden

Contact Details

Export Agricultural Crop Garden, Hungama Road, Middeniya 82270.
Tel: 0472248126
Email: deamiddeniya@gmail.com


Export Agricultural Crop Garden, Middeniya is located in Katuwana divisional secretary in Hambantota district. The garden is maintained as a dry zone demonstration of export agricultural crops; cinnamon, pepper, citronella, lemongrass and areca nut. A central nursery of department of export agriculture is maintained in the garden for propagation of traditional and improved varieties of above crops. The garden provides land for field trials of researches and experiments. It also functions as a central processing center of pepper.

The total land area is 25 acres.

Land arrangement

Graminae collection – Ceylon and Java citronella selections, lemongrass, vetiver collection and demonstration of cultivations are about 2.5 acres.

Cinnamon cultivation – demonstrative cinnamon cultivation and research blocks of on-going researches carried out by national cinnamon research station, Palolpitiya

Pepper cultivation – demonstrative pepper cultivation, collection of pepper varieties and research blocks of on-going researches carried by central research station, Matale.

Areca nut cultivation area is 0.5 ac

Nursery and mother plant garden-   mainly cinnamon, pepper and areca nut are propagated in this nursery. Improved varieties as well as traditional varieties are propagated in order to meet the demand of the district. Propagation materials are provided from the well-maintained mother plant garden.

Reserved forest area and the spice garden is about 4.5 acres.

Services provided by the station

  • Providing planting materials of cinnamon, pepper and arecanut including new varieties
  • Providing technical instructions and demonstrations of cultivation of cinnamon, pepper, citronella and lemongrass; soil conservation methods; cultural practices; organic manure production and maintenance of nursery and mother plant garden.
  • Conducting field trials of researches and experiments
  • Providing pepper processing facilities for farmers
  • Providing in-plant trainings for higher educating students